I’d had this design in mind for a while, and actually did a version of it that I had turned into a phone case. Decided to paint it to welcome him back from suspension, even if I did feel a little ticked off about the circumstances.

The fabric had to be dyed to suit, which took a few tries to get the right color. The dye process also shrank it considerably, which is why rather than being about 35″ wide and rectangular, it’s 30″ wide and trapezoidal. Instead of the Revs stock logo colors I use for the Words series, I used navy and red paints that more closely matched the uniform colors, and for the lettering, I used metallic paints. I’d like to work a little more with this design and with the general theme–perhaps an upgrade to the Words series–but mostly it was an exercise in playing with a design and some materials I wanted to try.

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