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dale, dale, dale narutard

Sometimes, we’ll do projects for other teams. Not just other teams we follow outside of MLS, but other teams within the league. Why? Because we have buddies in whichever location. Also, it’s fun. I realize this concept is mind-blowing to … tell me more

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why we do this, vol. 3

When Kheli Dube got the tying goal in last night’s DC-NE tilt, he jumped the signboards and ran over to the section adjacent to the Fort to do his goalscoring dance. What you didn’t see on TV was that he … tell me more

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more words

Two things we thought would happen did, indeed, happen after the debut of this year’s banners: We had to retire one (see ya, Joey) and create new ones for a few of the guys who dropped right into the lineup … tell me more

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sometimes we do things that aren’t banners

Such as half-assed attempts to start internet memes.

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For the 2008 season, it was clear we had to make some new banners. The ones we did for 2005 held up remarkably well, but it was time to retire most of them, as they referenced players no longer on … tell me more

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Opening week

7:03 am, 3/25/08. The unusually early season start means all the banners this year (there are fourteen of them) had to be done indoors.

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