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Snapshots of works as they’re in progress.


Seriouspost: Have you seen us? We’re Albright, Alston, Barnes, Igwe, and Tierney. We’re most of the Revs’ back line, and we’re missing. I’m not being facetious here–these five banners were last seen after the Revs game on 7/11 and are … Continue reading

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Ålesund’s starting to happen

ULTRA PEANUT’S LIST OF NOTABLE THINGS THAT HAPPENED THE LAST FEW DAYS Got on a plane for Frankfurt, then one for Oslo, then one for Ålesund, which is small enough they have stair trucks (“you’re gonna get hop-ons”) Saw a … Continue reading

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Campaign 2010

If internet memes can help elect a president, could they help convince the US men’s national team to take along certain players who’re on the borderline to make the cut for South Africa?

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training camp, part 3

Finishing up a week of work: 8:33am, 1/29/09 3:47pm, 1/29/09 8:29am, 1/30/09

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training camp, cont’d.

Columbia, Gem of the Midfield continues apace: 9:29 am, 1/26/09 9:03 am, 1/27/09 9:33 am, 1/28/09

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training camp

In advance of US-Mexico, I’m currently doing a bit of preparation myself. 9:54 am, 1/23/09 10:04 am, 1/24/09 11:02 am, 1/25/09

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what I got for Christmas

AA 4559 BOS Boston Feb 10, 2009 05:40 PM CMH Columbus Feb 10, 2009 07:55 PM AA 4548 CMH Columbus Feb 12, 2009 08:45 AM BOS Boston Feb 12, 2009 10:40 AM

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what I’m up to this week

Thursday evening: Sunday morning: Sunday afternoon: To debut at some point, but that part’s out of my hands.

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Opening week

7:03 am, 3/25/08. The unusually early season start means all the banners this year (there are fourteen of them) had to be done indoors.

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I gotta believe

kick, score, it’s all in the mind

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