Who are you guys, anyway?

As it says in the disclaimer in the footer, a bored nerd with a laptop and housepaint. Initially, the banners on the site were a collaboration between two people, Prairie and Evan. Evan’s since retired, but Prairie still has no life outside of soccer, primarily the US national teams and New England Revolution, with a passing interest in a few other sides.

What’s this site about?

A portfolio of all the silly things I do in the name of soccer fandom, from banners to road trips to pumpkins. Sometimes, it’s things other people did that I liked.

You did all those banners by yourself?

Mostly. I always name names when there’s more than one person involved in the projects. The entries in the Nuts and Bolts section explain how.


A few reasons:

  1. We’d seen photos and highlights of fan displays from games around the world and thought “hmm, that looks fun, doesn’t seem to be any trick to it, how do we get in on that action?”
  2. Sometimes it can seem like our voices get lost in the crowd; doing these projects is how we can be sure we’re heard, literally and figuratively
  3. See entries in this section
  4. But that 100th goal memory, I don’t know how to explain it. Every goal was special for the team and for myself, but the 100th goal, having the goalie come up, having Jay Heaps head-butting you – which is probably why I have another concussion. But those are the memories that I will remember. And in the back of that picture, there’s a 100 stars banner.”

Hey, these are really cool, you should make t-shirts

Long story, but it’s not quite possible to do all my banners as shirts. Occasionally, I do get offers to draw shirts for others, and when those happen, I post them on the front page.

Where can I buy these?

You can get originals via my commissions page, or prints from Futbol Artist Network.

Additional questions/comments:

Kindly direct them to us via mail.

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