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How we do what we do; processes, materials, examples.

where eagles dare

I’d had a half-formed WWI poster repro in progress for a while, and then the Futbol Artist Network gang approached me about doing a piece for their first group show, to be held in conjunction with the Kicking and Screening … tell me more

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know your national team

This post’s a special case; it’s copypasta an adaptation of an intro to the 2010 US World Cup squad written for a forum I frequent. That’s why some of the material’s going to be familiar if you read this site … tell me more

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we get around

Three press clippings in one week. It’s been a busy year, I guess. The Original Winger Mmmm…cupcakes! Go USA Bid

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put it in your pantry with your cupcakes

I’m pretty okay at baking stuff, and back in February, I came across a couple of recipes that I knew would be ridiculously popular at tailgate parties. Stolen Adapted from Nook and Pantry and Smitten Kitchen, here are Irish Cake … tell me more

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a product endorsement

Home Depot now offers paint colors cued to the official team colors in MLS, as well as the US and Mexican national sides. They’re not kidding–these things match the jerseys exactly. We’ll be getting plenty of mileage out of these.

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How we do it: design and tracing

(No photos for this one, sorry) All the banners we’ve done to date have first been designed on computer, largely in Photoshop. The ones produced for the 2005 season were all developed over the winter 2004-05 offseason, frequently with the … tell me more

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How we do it: sewing

I do all the sewing for the banners. Not very well, if you happen to see the backsides of them, but I’m the one with the sewing machine. It’s easier to do all the sewing, including hardware installation, before painting, … tell me more

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How we do it: fabrics

After nylon and fabric paint for the Cartman banner proved way more expensive than we could really justify, part of the off-season was spent testing different fabric and paint combinations to see what would work best. Would a poly-based poplin … tell me more

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