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Stuff other people did, or projects of ours that never got off the table.

logrolling in our time

Do not miss this interview with the Houston fan who did the Davies banner that Landy stole postgame. The line about doing a banner so you have a voice in the crowd sums it up perfectly.

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gothic lolita jonathan bornstein

If you have to ask… Illo courtesy our friends at Big Big Truck.

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on the occasion of meola’s hundredth cap

Had we not been busy last week with actual work, and had it not been a bit too rainy outside, this would have been painted and shipped to someone attending the evening’s game in NC.

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LA Riot Squad and the Chivas Girls

For the Chivas/Galaxy match on July 16, the LA Riot Squad decided they’d show their appreciation for the ChivaGirls. This video got most of the highlights.

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