even more words

It’d be an understatement to say that words project was successful beyond our expectations; we’ve never had the team and/or individual players track us down, unsolicited, for compliments on this stuff before. Thus, we saw no reason not to continue the theme with new players who made distinct impressions on the squad through the remainder of 2008 and early 2009.

Kheli Dube, “JOY”: This is actually a holdover from last summer that I never got around to posting here, largely because I was trying to combine it with a video showing this banner’s creation from start to finish. That never came together, so here’s the banner, based on what else but Dube doing his goal-scoring dance of joy.

Chris Tierney, “DRIVE”: The first of the 2009 entries. I was a little unsure about the source image, which was a much smaller resolution than I would have liked, but I think the final effect came out quite striking.

Darrius Barnes, “SMOOTH”: Was almost “throw,” given his popular hundred-yard throw-ins. The best thing that could possibly happen with this banner is him getting the nickname of Smoove B. Girl, that other team ain’t right for you. Smoove B will freak your back line nasty. Also, there will be throw-ins.

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