more words and other disturbances

Kind of a sign the atmosphere’s turned around quickly in 2012 that I already added three to the words for the year, though one was already a multi-year roster fixture and the other two skipped to the top of the list for being known quantities in American soccer. Still, shouldn’t be too far into the summer before more new dudes earn their words.

Lee Nguyen, “Gift.” Because he was one (unplanned waiver pickup) and has one (dropped into the squad the first week of the season ready to do business). That and it wasn’t friggin’ “win.” Give me some credit, people.

Clyde Simms, “Cool.” DC’s loss is our gain, if not exactly in terms of game results. Word chosen in consultation with DC buddies, who kept talking up how great a guy he is on and off field.

Bobby Shuttleworth, “Reach.” A banner for a backup goalie? Yes–dude’s been around long enough and has started for an injured Reis a few times. Sorry about painting your teeth red, Bobby.

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