How I wound up on English TV

Recently, thanks to some dude who plays for England coming to MLS, they started running an MLS highlight show on Channel 5 over there. While at the office one afternoon, I get a message from a buddy in London:

“They picked you out in the bikini. In a ‘we’ve noticed MLS fans wearing wrestling masks. Look at this beauty in a bikini next to one. If you know who this is, or have her number, please get in touch.’ They want your number. I’m not kidding.”

(Relevant part about five minutes in)

Well ho-lee shit. I emailed them immediately, identifying myself as the Revs fan in the bikini, and asked what they’d like to know. A day later, they got back to me, asking for my phone number and a photo. I told them I’d get back to them on the photos, because I didn’t have any good game-related, non-wire service photos on hand, but could also help them explain the wrestling mask phenomenon as that’s my husband in the mask next to me.

(The explanation: It’s a silly team colors thing that’s easier to wear than face paint; at this point every team in the league has at least one luchador in the stands).

Magpie came by that night to take photos, but they didn’t turn out too well, so our buddy James offered to take some in his home photo studio. I sent the TV guys a few shots, and was asked if I could send along a shot of me in the bikini at home or at work to give the impression that’s how I normally dress.

After spending a few minutes trying to decide the most polite way of saying “hell no,” I explained that me in a soccer jersey is normal work attire, so the photos they got were representative of who I am when I’m at home. I was also a bit disappointed they didn’t call me to chat, because I figured since they’re English, they might be thinking “lol yanks don’t know footy” and “lol chicks don’t know footy,” and call expecting to get “oh tee hee Beckham” but hear “Oh, I’d love to see Bradley use the same back line for the US in a winter friendly as Nicol did in the All-Star Game, I mean, Parky, Jonny B, and Conrad together is such a brainy, technical style of defense, it’s fantastic, but the US never does 3-5-2…” Either that or be asked about Beckham specifically and reply “Bah, Clavijo should be fired just for that trade! Fan favorite, emerging national teamer, Bellouchy was better for Salt La–wait, y’did say ‘Beckerman,’ right?”

(Relevant part about 1:30 in)

While I didn’t get to explain my particular affection for a scientific defensive line, they did run a follow-up. Something tells me it won’t be the last time I’m on the show.

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