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with your hi-top sneakers and sailor tattoos

American Outlaws Rhode Island wanted a banner, so… click for bigger Another commission/collaboration with Kyle Lindsay. I’ve wanted to do a banner using old-school Sailor Jerry style tattoo artwork for some time now, and redrawing the Rhode Island state flag … tell me more

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Zach Schilawski, “Spark.” Ordinarily, it takes more than a month into the season for a rookie to state his case for a banner. Ordinarily, rookies don’t score 11-minute hat tricks on their home debut, however.

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dream big

It so happened that at the opening of the 2010 season, I needed a replacement for the Stay Positive banner. Not because I’d retired it exactly when Ralston left; I’d actually intended to keep it around for a while. But … tell me more

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Well, first word, anyway. If Cory Gibbs was enough of a known quantity for the Revs to let him substitute as captain right after joining the team, then that’s enough to earn a home debut banner. “Rise” as in rise … tell me more

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so I heard you like banners

I was asked this week if I’d any plans to make a new Charlie Davies banner to take to South Africa and/or the send-off games. I’m not sorry.

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make a miracle, d, pump the lyrical

Back in October, a series of unpredictable events led to one of my most popular banners to date. I wondered what became of the banner after Jozy took it home that night, so I bugged him on Twitter for a … tell me more

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Campaign 2010: on sale now!

I had such a great response to the Campaign 2010 project that I decided to call my pals at Busy Beaver, reprint all five buttons plus a sixth mystery button, and sell them together as a set. However, these buttons … tell me more

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hot player rumors

Last week, an item appeared on Yanks Abroad indicating that Adin Brown, inspiration for what is quite possibly my stupidest escapade to date, has left Norway and is considering joining up with a team back in the US. Several people … tell me more

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