Ålesund’s starting to happen


  • Got on a plane for Frankfurt, then one for Oslo, then one for Ålesund, which is small enough they have stair trucks (“you’re gonna get hop-ons”)
  • Saw a little kid in the Oslo airport in a 2006 USMNT jersey
  • Accidentally walked into the men’s room in the Oslo airport
  • Hey, look, transatlantic travel will do that to you, okay?
  • Had a cookout on the side of a mountain with the Revs’ old GK and some of his pals
  • Walked around town buying candy
  • Ate pizza that was, for some reason, served St. Louis style
  • Bought a bunch of souvenirs
  • Repeatedly tried to explain why, exactly, two dumb Americans would travel to an obscure part of Norway
  • I understand the sun sets here at some point, but I haven’t really seen it
  • Ate huckleberries right off the bushes
  • Ran barefoot across another team’s field (I’m up to 4 now)
  • Hiked around the perimeter of a mountain, coming out of the woods into the parking lot of a 3rd division club, where a bunch of kids were playing a pickup game of cricket
  • Got taken back into town by a suspicious looking orange party van
  • Did I mention the van was driven by one of the extras from Metalocalypse?
  • Learned that Denmark is apparently the Canada of Norway

my toes
Team color pedicures are crucial

More at some point, along with full photo set. We’re still two days out from an actual gameday.

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