Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Tay-lor Twell-man!
Absorbent and yellow and scoring is he!
Tay-lor Twell-man!
If ball-handling nonsense be something ye wish
Tay-lor Twell-man!
I can’t think of a line that’s not about fish!
Tay-lor Twell-man! Tay-lor Twell-man! Tay-lor Twell-man! etc.

The chant didn’t much catch on, but the banner turned out well. Paint is almost all housepaint, with some fabric paint in the black and silver. Fabric is some weird poly blend I got for fifty cents a yard ’cause there’s this huge black streak on the reverse; it’s very stiff, weighs a ton and it’s kinda painful to touch for very long. Spongebob is indeed dressed as Twellman, complete with the same shoes, though why I didn’t include his trademark wrist wrap on his left hand escapes me. In the original mockup, Patrick was dressed as a GK, but at the last minute–and just after finding out what this year’s uniforms would look like–I decided to give him Noonan’s kit. I’m glad I did. Finished size is 5’x15′.

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