Designed in November of 2004, and thus using players listed in the USMNT pool at the time, rather than some of Arena’s more recent favorites (hence no Revs are featured). The player names listed do constitute a potential 4-4-2 lineup, although possibly not a workable one, as I was less concerned with whether someone plays right/left than whether or not his name had an easy English-language diminutive. You can’t really reduce Brian or Gregg very far, but I probably could’ve filled most of the lineup with Eddies and Stevies. Several of the names were obvious inclusions–Howard, Jones, Johnson–and some were a little tougher to slot. I wouldn’t mind re-doing this with a more recent roster selection. Appropriately enough for the Ramones theme, a high number of the names listed have some NY connection, either being from there originally or having spent some time as Metros.

The stitching was done in white for contrast, the top fastens with silver buttons, and the painting was deliberately left single coat to give a somewhat faded appearance. Finished size is 4’x6′.

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