the crane takes flight

Though she’s not originally from there, Megan Rapinoe’s pretty strongly linked with Portland, where she went to school. Because I know all manner of stupid trivia, one day it occurred to me that the state motto of Oregon (“Alis volat propriis,” “she flies with her own wings”) would make a pretty great slogan for a Pinoe banner.

she flies, 64″ x 52″

Now, the cool part: THIS MUG’S BEEN SOLD
Here’s some detail shots. Please note that this is handmade, and, as such, is subject to variation in paint and whatnot, which is to say pay no attention to the parts where I dropped paint.

Like all my banners, this is on heavyweight cotton (in this case, twill), painted with fabric paint, and fixed with nylon straps + brass snaps to hang in your home or at a game. I’ll be selling more banners shortly, as I gotta get to Brazil somehow, and scratch tickets just aren’t a solid investment strategy.

Sold this sucker within 24 hours. Keep checking back for more.

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