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Q. What happens when the guy who sells you your season tickets calls you up and asks you how to make a banner?


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Kyle Lindsay, my box office homeboy, asked me for help in putting together a banner. Said he had the idea to do one of Wario in Revs getup after seeing someone in Germany a while back with a similar one. I thought the concept was fantastic, and offered to get the template sewn up and traced, then to teach him how to paint it. Julie volunteered her attic and some painting services to the cause, too. I love this banner; it’s a neat, neat idea that I haven’t really seen elsewhere in MLS, very eye-catching. My only regret is we realized too late that the patch on his shoulder should say “Mario League Soccer” and have the foot kicking a turtle, not a ball.

Wario is wearing uniform #6, a decision we made because we don’t have any real leg-breakers on the squad anymore, but we do have a guy with a bad temper who won’t shut up. (In the extremely remote chance he’s reading this, we love you for it, Jay).

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