Camel City Bomb Squad

Magpie’s design and painting, my slogan. Way the hell back in the day, Camel City Bomb Squad was the name given to a punk collective that’d put on shows and stuff in whatever the all-ages club of the week was on 6th Street in Winston-Salem, where I grew up and where Wake Forest University is located. Upon hearing that the Revs’ first two draft picks this year came out of Wake, I suggested we borrow the CCBS appellation to describe them. Turns out a shout-out banner was a pretty good idea, because while Riley’s had his ups and downs, Parkhurst (knock on wood) has been tremendous, playing like he’s been in the squad forever. Finished size is 5’x15′.

In late May, the team hosted a meet and greet event for season ticket holders. I went up to Riley and Parkhurst’s table to say hi and let them know how that banner came to be. Parkhurst excitedly explained that he was using a photo of the banner as his computer’s desktop image. To date, that’s the coolest complement about these things I’ve heard.

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