different fandom, same people

Like it says in this site’s charter, we’re nerds. I, however, am an anime nerd in addition to being a soccer nerd. I’ve spent as much time on the road to various fan conventions as I have matches, and I’m repeatedly reminded of how regardless of whether it’s a pre-WCQ party or a post-costume contest party, it’s all the same people, just a different excuse to get together with your buddies and drink. Same “oh, wow, I haven’t seen him in ages,” same “oh, it’s that fuckin’ guy again.” Same good and bad aspects to being a fan, too:

anime soccer
Excuse to travel conventions national team games
We got some people together, let’s go to the Japanese restaurant Irish bar
No, really, guys, it’s not that big a treat Pocky Guinness
Ask a fanboy who’s always wrong about US licensing plans US goalkeeping plans
Browse eBay for the latest in shitty Southeast Asian bootleg DVDs shitty Southeast Asian bootleg shirts
Large crowds for events in LA, DC, Chicago LA, DC, Chicago
Yet surprisingly very little going on in NY NY
OMG HE’S SO DREAMY *tee hee* Scott McNeil Taylor Twellman
I just blew my whole paycheck at Best Buy Niketown
Obnoxious phony speech affectation adding honorifics to people’s names pronouncing “derby” to rhyme with “Barbie”
Hey, I haven’t seen that yet, don’t tell me Spike dies Newcastle loses
You just don’t get it “that Dragon Ball shit” “Americans don’t care about soccer”
Fire up your Bittorrent client for digisubs matches
Get your nerd on during a dream vacation to Japan England
I hate this site, so why can’t I stop reading Anime on DVD Big Soccer
Are you sure we can’t come up with a better mascot for the fandom in this country than catgirls Landon Donovan
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