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Stuff we did for the New England Revolution.

the gifted son who cannot score

When a player retires or leaves the team, I give him all of his banners. I really, really wish I didn’t have to hand over these three today.

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ernest & julio gallows humor

Having sent cupcakes to the Revs in return for a difficult playoff run last year, I find myself wondering if this year, in honor of them missing the playoffs, I should deliver something more appropriate. I’m thinking Thunderbird.

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red, white, and blue forever

I have very mixed feelings about this banner. Not the content, or the theme, or how it turned out, but exactly why I had to do it and when. RED WHITE AND BLUE FOREVER When Steve Ralston left the Revs … tell me more

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american soccer revolutionary

When the Revs announced they’d be honoring Alexi Lalas before the 8/7 game vs DC, I knew I had to do a banner, but I also knew it had to be something that was an appropriate tribute to a guy … tell me more

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I’d had this design in mind for a while, and actually did a version of it that I had turned into a phone case. Decided to paint it to welcome him back from suspension, even if I did feel a … tell me more

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words, 2010, +1

Zach Schilawski, “Spark.” Ordinarily, it takes more than a month into the season for a rookie to state his case for a banner. Ordinarily, rookies don’t score 11-minute hat tricks on their home debut, however.

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dream big

It so happened that at the opening of the 2010 season, I needed a replacement for the Stay Positive banner. Not because I’d retired it exactly when Ralston left; I’d actually intended to keep it around for a while. But … tell me more

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words, 2010

Well, first word, anyway. If Cory Gibbs was enough of a known quantity for the Revs to let him substitute as captain right after joining the team, then that’s enough to earn a home debut banner. “Rise” as in rise … tell me more

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how do you measure a year

click here for bigger or here for unwieldy

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oh, look, more pumpkins

When they announced that the first round of the Eastern Conference semifinal playoffs would be at Gillette on Halloween, I immediately got on the horn with the Revs to see if they needed pumpkins for the occasion. “Sure,” they said, … tell me more

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